Ahh, the morning after…

a food festival is bittersweet. Especially if it was a great food festival! You don’t want it to end. Yesterday I attended an Indian Festival, and I am already counting down to next years! As we approached the front gate, the air was filled with vibrant aromas of all the food being prepared…it was foodie heaven! I entered the festival, camera in hand, and was surprised by the sheer number of people that were there, it was packed! I thought that since it was a hot day, it would not be crowded…WRONG! 😉 Although there were a lot of people there, the festival was spread out over a large area, so it was all good. The music was fantastic, the craft booths were interesting, but I was there for the FOOD! And boy, this cooking’ mama was not disappointed! I love Indian food, but usually order and/or make the same things over & over. I saw foods at this festival that I had never seen-it was so exciting! I took some pics for y’all-hope you like them!

You cannot go to an Indian Festival without drinking Mango Lassi! YUM! I had severel glasses of this delicious drink made with mango & yogurt. My oldest tried the Rose Milk drink, made with rose water…but did not like it. It was very fragrant, smelled just like roses, but it reminded us both of rose scented soap! lol! He drank half of it & then opted to buy a Mango Lassi instead.

Tandoori Chicken cooking on the grill! My little one loves this chicken, it is not at all spicy and he is able to eat it with no problems. If you have little ones and are not sure what Indian dish to get them, you can’t go wrong with Tandoori Chicken. (Tandoori Chicken is traditionally cooked in a clay oven, hence it’s name).

It was a hot day, and nothing is better on a hot day than:

A big ole Snow Cone!

Skewered Chicken with a tomato dipping sauce…

Some of the food booths had Example Plates out for all to see what they would be getting…

I thought this was a great idea, I like to know what I am paying for before I order it.

Time for another cold drink, this time it was a Mango/Strawberry slushy!

If I saw someone with a dish that looked interesting, I would stop them & ask if I could take a pic of it…that’s how I got the pic above of a Poori dish…

I could not resist taking a pic of this Mehndi artist drawing a design on a young girl’s hand. I wanted one, but it would have been impossible to take any pics afterwards, so I passed! I have had them before and they are beautiful!

These two gentlemen in white, were handing out samples of Pakora, another tasty little dish if you want something that is not too spicy hot.

And speaking of spicy…the following two dishes are what I ordered, the Chili Chicken, pictured above…it was on fire! I loved the flavor, but could not hang with the heat! Needed another mango/strawberry slushy to put out the flames in my mouth!

This is my Chicken Biriyani, great flavors, but too much heat for this cooking’ mama! Hubby & the oldest finished it off for me… while I guzzled the last of my slushy! 😉

The line for the goodies pictured above was way long, so the best I could do was take a pic of the banner! I had never seen any of these before & am now on a mission to try them! 😉

The Indian Festival was a blast, everyone was so friendly and a good time was had by all, despite the sweltering heat. I look forward to next years fest and trying more dishes I have yet to sample. I hope you enjoyed my pics and if you have not tried Indian food, please do. The flavors are like nothing you have experienced before and you will be hooked!

Until next time, keep cookin’ and remember- This Mama Can Cook!



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