My Thai Kitchen BBQ House Party & Recipe for General Tso’s Chicken Sliders with Crunchy Slaw!

Last weekend I had my Thai Kitchen BBQ House Party! I am a member of House Party. ( House Party hosts many different parties every month, with name brand products. You apply to host a party & if chosen, House Party will send you a box of goodies to get your party started. As you can see, my box was filled to the top with everything I needed to create some delicious meals! (Well, almost everything, I did have to purchase the meat!)


This was the third House Party I have hosted. The first one was a DiGiorno Pizza Party, I was mailed coupons for free pizzas and all I had to do was go out and get them. My guests enjoyed trying out all the different varieties DiGiorno has to offer. The second House Party I hosted was for Oscar Meyer Carving Board lunch meats. Again, I was sent coupons for free lunch meats, I went to the store and got them. House Party also sent me several full-size Kraft flavored mayos…which were a total hit with my guests. We made sandwiches and had a great time. The carving board lunch meat is much thicker than regular lunch meat.

While I enjoyed hosting the first two parties, there was no real cooking involved…anyone can throw a pizza in the oven or make a sandwich! This House Party was different! I was actually able to cook for my Thai Kitchen BBQ House Party! Woo-Hoo! And cook I did! I made three different dishes, General Tso’s Chicken Sliders with Crunchy Slaw, Chicken Satay with Peanut Dipping Sauce & Ginger Teriyaki Lettuce Wraps.

  <— filling for lettuce wraps

  <— shredded chicken for the sliders

 <— chicken satay ready for grill

The dishes were all very easy to prepare, the Chicken Satay does need to be refrigerated one hour prior to placing it on the grill…no biggie! Everything else required very little prep time. I was really impressed with the final products! All three dishes tasted very authentic, which is extremely important to me as a cook. I love Lettuce Wraps & I am thrilled that I can now make my own! The Sliders were so tasty…I’m not one for adding cole slaw to my sandwiches-but the slaw made these sliders stand out! And the Chicken Satay & Peanut Sauce were on point! Of course, we also had some fried rice, chow mein, egg rolls, spring rolls, cake pops, cheesecake & smoothies! If you are gonna have a House Party, you gotta do it right! 😉

One of the party guests brought her mom, who just so happens to be visiting from Thailand! She speaks very few English words, but did manage to say “Yum, Yum!” while eating her food! I thought that was the best compliment I could get! Here she is with her plate:

  <— Yum! Yum!

Thanks to House Party for choosing me to host this Thai Kitchen BBQ Party! It is my favorite House Party to date!

At the request of one of my readers, I am sharing the recipe for General Tso’s Chicken Sliders with Crunchy Slaw, you’ll love it!

Until next time, keep on cookin’ ,

The Cookin’ Mama 😀


2 thoughts on “My Thai Kitchen BBQ House Party & Recipe for General Tso’s Chicken Sliders with Crunchy Slaw!

  1. I really enjoyed reading your about your House Party & looking at the pictures. I’m so glad that you shared them with us. It looks like your party was a great success & the food looked amazing. My mouth was watering the whole time I read. LOL! Thanks so much for sharing the Chicken Slider’s recipe. I can hardly wait to make it for my family. You’re doing an awesome job with your blog!

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