Filipino Festival update!


This weekend I attended a Filipino Festival. The turnout was pretty good for a small festival. I had never been to this particular festival before, so I was not sure how large it would be. There were not as many food booths as I was hoping for, but I managed to find a few tasty morsels to sample! 😉 I saw this lady standing out side a booth advertising a “Closing Sale”…

 So of course I had to give it a try!

 The pork-on-a-stick was mighty tasty, but I would have enjoyed a little sauce on the rice… I needed an ice-cold drink to wash down my meal and I was in luck! Sun Tropics had a booth set up at the festival and they were handing out samples of three of their fruit-flavored beverages. Once you picked your fave, you could purchase a full-sized one for $1… “SOLD!”  😀

    <—- This hit the spot! After I finished my drink, I checked out the other booths and took pics of the food!

 <— Here are a few sweets to satisfy your sweet tooth, courtesy of local restaurant, Goldilocks. Not enough sweets for you? What about some cream puffs?

 <– Beard Papa’s makes yummy cream puffs! There was also ice cream, which I did not get a chance to try, but the sign sure looked inviting!

There was a lot of skewered meat being grilled…        But it wasn’t just about food at this festival. There was music and Filipino actors were there, signing autographs for everyone. AND I found some really cute tees being sold! Just wanna share these with y’all!

     The two above are cute, but the ones I am about to show you are WAAAAYYY cute!

        Aren’t they adorable?! No, I did not get one & Yes, I am now kicking myself for not buying one…or two! 😉

The festival was small but fun…I will def go back next year! Thanks for letting me share with you!

Take care & keep on cookin’!




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