SF Weekly Dish & Greek Fest, here I come!

This is going to be a great foodie weekend for me! First, I am going to a Greek Festival tomorrow, Saturday. I have been to this festival twice before…the Gyro’s are amazing and the atmosphere is…well…festive! It’s a blast! Everyone always looks so happy to be there, from the folks working in the food booths to all the attendees. I always leave feeling upbeat and loving life! Opa! Here’s a pic I took at last year’s festival:

Don’t worry, I’ll take lots to share with y’all next week! And if that weren’t enough, Sunday I get to attend the 4th Annual SF Weekly Dish event in San Francisco! I have never been to this event before and I am thrilled to be going! I know there will be 30 different restaurants there (It’s an indoor function) and we will get to sample a little of what each restaurant has to offer! There will also be wineries there, pouring wine for all the attendees. I do not drink, but I am thinking I might take a tiny sip of wine, just to see what all the hoopla is about! LOL! Who knows, I might enjoy it! 😉

I will have my camera with me, battery fully charged and I’m gonna be a picture-taking fool! Can’t wait to try all the goodies and share the pics with you all! Most of the food festivals I attend are outdoors…this will be my first indoor affair… I’m thinking it’s gonna blow my mind! 😀

Y’all take care,

The Cookin’ Mama



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