California Wine Club Review- Tobin James & Titan Hills Vineyards


I’m back! I know I have been MIA for a bit, had some “teenager drama” to deal with, but all is well now and I am back in business! I am bringing you two great wines this month from the California Wine Club ( I am still trying out their Premier Club:

“Our Premier Club is a great way to learn about wine and the California wine scene, perfect for the wine novice or aficionado. Just $49.95* per month includes shipping and handling. *Plus sales tax where applicable.

Exciting Wine Of The Month Club Deliveries Include:
Each wine club shipment includes two bottles of award-winning wine and our detailed and beautiful 12-page, full color publication, Uncorked.Uncorked offers an up-close and personal look at the family behind the wines plus tasting notes, recipes, wine luminary interviews, games and so much more.”

Since I am new to the whole wine scene, I have found the Premier Club very helpful for a novice like me. I am also learning a lot about wines by following @cawineclub, & @boringwineguy on Twitter. The Boring Wine Guy’s Facebook page has a plethora of great wine info also!

My more experienced wine drinking friends were very eager for me to receive my next shipment- they enjoyed the last one immensely! They were not disappointed with my latest shipment! Here is what I received:

First up, we have Tobin James, “Radiance” 2010 Monterey County Chardonnay…straight from the Tobin James Cellars in Paso Robles, CA. The cool growing area of Monterey, CA, allows these grapes to ripen slowly and develop rich characteristics. Once the grapes are ripened, Tobin James uses an icy cold fermentation technique… Normal fermentation takes just nine days, but using the icy cold method, that is slowed to about sixty days! What does all this mean to you, the drinker? It means intense fruit flavors of grapefruit, kiwi, mango & pineapple … to name a few, come gushing out in every glass!! Once fermentation is complete- the wine is aged in small oak barrels for 10 months, thus adding extra complexity. Genius! Grab a bottle and a couple of glasses, sit back & enjoy!!

Next, we have Titan Hills Vineyards & their “Fiasco” A Reserve Red Wine, Paso Robles 2008. This wine exemplifies the flavors of the great grape growing region of Paso Robles, CA. Produced and bottled by Paso Robles Cellars. Titan Hills Vineyards is nestled in the Central Coast of CA, and has been producing high quality wines that are enjoyed by wine lovers worldwide. Titan Hills Vineyards likes to seek out extraordinary grapes for their wines. The result is a wine that is rich, complex & intense. This wine is the perfect companion to any dish! Cook up a great meal & pop open a bottle of this fantastic red wine!

I look forward to my next shipment & will be sharing that one with you as well. The California Wine Club ( has been kind enough to offer a discount code to my readers! YAY! All new  club members or gift givers will get 4 bottles for the price of 2 when they sign up. There is no obligation to continue after the first month.  Just use the code: powers12 at checkout.

Thanks & take care,

The Cookin’ Mama


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