The Hamilton Restaurant- Washington, DC

img-hamilton-logo-mainI was recently in Washington, DC with Shot@Life, speaking to members of Congress about the importance of global vaccines. You can read about it here. They kept us pretty busy from sunrise to sunset, but we did get to go out to a really nice restaurant after our visit to Capitol Hill. The Hamilton welcomed us with open arms, and trust me, there were a lot of us! SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC First thing we were treated to was cheese & wine. The cheese was fabulous! I fell in love with the goat cheese, it was delicious and I went back for 2nds… but it was all gone. Guess I wasn’t the only one feeling it!  SONY DSCSONY DSCThe Hamilton is a pretty big place, we had one whole side of the establishment all to ourselves. They also have live music, but we did not get to experience that, since we weren’t in that part of the restaurant… next time! SONY DSCSONY DSCHere’s our menu for the night: SONY DSC

First up, Beet Salad, with Mixed Greens, Beets & a Sherry Vinaigrette… here’s a pic. SONY DSCI was not sure if I’d like this or not, I’m not a beet person, but it was surprisingly good. I ate most of it. After we were done with our salad, there was plenty of time to mingle, before the main dish came out. We were all really famished, so when the waiters started coming out with the entrees, we were a bunch of happy campers! Next up, Grilled Swordfish with Black Beluga Lentils, Balsamic Cipollini Onion, and Baby Carrots. SONY DSCSONY DSC  The fish was cooked to perfection! The lentils and baby carrots were tasty and left me wanting more. The only thing missing was a piece of bread, I would have liked a roll or croissant… maybe The Hamilton can add that to the meal! Last, but not least, Dessert!!! You know how I love my sweets! Apple Tart was on the menu for us, complete with caramel sauce & whipped cream! My, my, my … I could have eaten 2 of ’em!SONY DSC I thoroughly enjoyed The Hamilton, and hope to go back next time I am in DC.

hamilton-footer If you’d like to try it out for yourself, here’s the address: 600 14th Street, N.W. -Washington, DC 20005-near Metro Center. Phone: 202.787.1000

**Disclosure-This is not a sponsored post, I was NOT paid to write it. Just sharing a great place with my readers. If The Hamilton would like to invite me & my family back, as their guests in the future, I’m all over it! **


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