Do You Like Cheesecake?! Let Me Introduce You To Miss NiNi’s Cheesecake!

I received Miss NiNi’s products for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. photo-123 MissNiNi_TextOnly_BLACKTEXT

Have I got a treat for y’all! I was sent a Cheesecake Sampler from Miss Nini’s Fine Desserts, so I could tell y’all what I thought about it. It arrived very well packaged, Fed Ex delivered it to me. When I opened up the cardboard box, I discovered a styrofoam cooler inside. SONY DSC  In the styrofoam box, I found some dry ice, bubble wrap & my frozen Cheesecake!photo-124 I couldn’t wait for it to thaw out, and neither could my family! The first thing that struck me about the cheesecake, was how each slice had been tagged with a hand-written label. I really liked that homemade touch.

Each one of Miss NiNi’s Fine Desserts has been perfected through decades of refining. A native of the upper midwest, Miss NiNi began to learn the tools of her trade at a very young age.

She has combined the knowledge and tradition passed down from her mother with a creativity and flair that has earned Miss NiNi a reputation for excellence.

Miss NiNi uses only the finest ingredients, including fresh creamery butter, golden brown sugar, and the purest of extracts. This guarantees each Miss NiNi creation delivers impeccable consistency and quality, morsel after morsel.

So many of Miss NiNi’s loyal customers rave about the memory of sweet richness that lingers long after the last delectable crumb has been enjoyed.

The Miss NiNi legend has grown over the years to include customers from coast-to-coast, and a number of Grand Champion Awards in the baking competitions at the Iowa State Fair, the largest food competition of its kind in the United States. Miss NiNi is a wife, homemaker & mother, just like me. I was uber excited to sample her cheesecake!

My sampler included Lemon Raspberry Swirl:SONY DSCSONY DSC I will admit, I am very partial to Lemon desserts & I LOVED this one! The lemon wasn’t too overwhelming & the raspberry intertwined into it was delicious!  Next up, is Italian Tiramisu, placed between layers of creamy cheesecake is a layer of pound cake that has been soaked in rum, brandy, espresso, and shaved chocolate. This cheesecake sits on a pound cake crust: SONY DSCSONY DSC Look at all that yummy! I’d never seen Tiramisu Cheesecake before, and I thought this slice was not only tasty-but gorgeous to look at. Now let’s look at Creamy Vanilla: SONY DSCSONY DSC This one tastes most like traditional Cheesecake, but not exactly! Miss NiNi has added a lil something extra to it, that makes it stand out from others you’ve tasted. Where are my chocoholics at? This one’s for you! Chocolate Raspberry Swirl: SONY DSCSONY DSC Look at that slice! It’s a thing of beauty. I didn’t want to eat it, just wanted to keep it and show it off to everywhere. Can you blame me?! On to my oldest’s fave, Pumpkin Praline: SONY DSCSONY DSC This one is scrumptious! Great alternative to Pumpkin Pie for the holidays…I know I’ll be ordering one… or two! Another of my favorites, Best of the Best Lemon: SONY DSC Look at that crust!! It’s perfect!!! I was fighting off my family for this one! SONY DSC Last, but not least, is the Caramel Chunky Chocolate. A rich creamy caramel-flavored cheesecake that is loaded with chocolate chunks. Luscious caramel is drizzled over the top. This yummy delight sits on a walnut oatmeal praline crust.SONY DSCSONY DSC Miss NiNi certainly knows her stuff- her cheesecakes are divine and I highly recommend them. Miss NiNi, you are the Cheesecake Queen! Your cakes rock! They are rich, smooth and baked to perfection. You can taste the quality, literally!

You can follow Miss NiNi on Twitter and FB, so be sure to do that. Let me know when you order your first cake from Miss NiNi-I’d love to hear all about it.

What Cheesecake flavor do you want to try first?!

Behind the scenes bonus pic, the aftermath of all our sampling! SONY DSC